Workshop Day
Day 1
Day 2
Track A Track B
08:30 Registration
09:00 Hack this workshop! Christopher Riley Command and event patterns Miro Svrtan
12:00 Break
14:00 Code like a Pro Stefan Priebsch Best practices for crafting high quality PHP apps James Titcumb
Ty's Track Track SiteGround Agile Track
08:00 Registration
09:30 Opening
09:40 Openning Keynote: Community Driven Development Mihail Irintchev
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40 Think like a hacker Matt Brunt CQRS & ES Explained Stefan Priebsch The Web of the Future: Introduction to the Semantic Web Arnout Boks
11:20 Coffee Break
11:40 The Secrets of Hexagonal Architecture Nicolas Carlo Transpiling PHP Miro Svrtan Design First API Development With OpenAPI And Friends Boyan Yordanov
12:20 Lunch Break
13:50 Automatic Web Page Optimisation in Pure PHP Albert Peschar Learning the PHP-FIG HTTP Stack Beau Simensen IT’s a trap, or how to survive in IT (and avoid drama) Nadezhda Danabasheva
14:30 Coffee Break
14:50 Escaping from OOP boundaries Alexander Lisachenko Lessons Learned From 16 Years Of Testing PHP Code Chris Hartjes Compiling the world to WebAssembly Boyan Mihaylov
15:30 Coffee Break
15:50 WordPress Through The Terminal Milana Cap Theory of programming: packaging principles Alexander Makarov unConf
16:30 Coffee Break
16:50 Exploring Async PHP Daniel Leech More Than a Query Language: SQL in the 21st Century Markus Winnand
17:30 Coffee Break
17:50 PHP-FIG Panel
18:50 Closing Remarks - Day 1
19:00 Cocktail Party
Ty's Track Track SiteGround Agile Track
09:00 Doors Open / Morning Coffee
10:00 Rethinking What You Think You Know Paul Jones
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Hardware connectivity on the progressive web Majid Hajian Event driven development Christopher Riley HTTP/3: It’s all about the transport! Benoit Jacquemont
11:40 Coffee Break
12:00 Functional Programming in PHP​ Lochemem Bruno Michael Looking into the Illuminate Container Ian Littman Using SOLID design principles to improve team performance Katerina Trajchevska
12:40 Lunch Break
14:10 The journey to a stress-free release Tosho Trajanov How to tame a 🦄 Andreas Heigl Senior Developer Development Szymon Skórczyński
14:50 Coffee Break
15:10 Mission possible: Oblivious Transfer Lyubomir Filipov Effortless Software Development Anna Filina To be announced
15:50 Coffee Break
16:10 Lua as a second language Luka Muzinic Backwards Incompatible Tales Marco Pivetta unConf
16:50 Coffee Break
17:10 The Recording HTTP Proxy: Not Yet Another Messiah Viktor Todorov Handling Exceptional Conditions with Grace and Style Nikola Poša
17:50 Coffee Break
18:10 Closing Keynote: Leadership As a Joke Cal Evans
18:50 Prizes and Closing