Lilyana Yakimova 12 May, 2016

Our Workshop Day – Learn From The Wise!

We are excited to announce that Bulgaria PHP Conference 2016 will start with a day of hands-on workshops. Four of our speakers will have a half-day workshop session each on Friday, 7th of October. You can find out more info about the sessions below. The tickets for the sessions are already available for sale. You can choose to visit one workshop in the morning and/or one workshop in the afternoon. Discounts apply, if you book tickets for the whole workshop day and for multiple tickets orders. Hurry up and secure your place as the topics are very exciting and the seats are limited.


Samantha Quiñones

Manage Your Content with Elasticsearch

07 October 2016  Morning Session 1 (9.00-12.30)

Elasticsearch is one of the most powerful search and data management platforms available today, but it’s not known for its simplicity. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to get the most out of this very capable platform. We’ll explore querying and filtering, creating efficient indices, custom views, clustering strategies and dive into Elasticsearch’s powerful suite of aggregations. This introduction will get you ready to build complex search and statistical applications that make your content and data even more valuable.


James Titcumb

Adding 1.21 Gigawatts to Applications with RabbitMQ

07 October 2016  Morning Session 2 (9.00-12.30)

As your application grows, you soon realise you need to break up your application into smaller chunks that talk to each other. You could just use web services to interact, or you could take a more robust approach and use the message broker RabbitMQ. In this tutorial, I will introduce RabbitMQ as a solution to scalable, interoperable and flexible applications.This tutorial is perfect for those who would like a deep dive into RabbitMQ with little or no pre-existing knowledge about message queuing systems. Once you’ve finished the tutorial, you will have learnt how to set up basic publish/subscribe message queues, control the flow of messages using various exchanges, and understand various features of RabbitMQ such as RPC, TTL, and DLX.


Miro Svrtan

Hands on PHPSpec

07 October 2016  Afternoon Session 1 (14.00-17.30)

PHPSpec is a great tool to model and build your code that has a side effect: you get some tests out of it. It’s not a drop in replacement for unit testing (or testing in general) but can help you out build great products in short amount of time. In this workshop I’d like to show you how to use it to your advantage and build better code with it. I will be live coding few examples to introduce you to PHPSpec features, show you some caveats and by working in small teams we will build a feature together.


Victor Farazdagi

Fault-tolerant cluster for a PHP Application

07 October 2016  Afternoon Session 2 (14.00-17.30)

  • Have you ever wondered how to deploy your application so that there is zero downtime?
  • Have you ever tried to create a database sub-cluster where all nodes are replicated and live in different geographical locations? Better yet, where failover is automatic, so that cluster provides true High Availability of its persistent nodes.
  • What is the best strategy to load balance the incoming traffic? Is it hard to create your own load balancer which will outperform AWS’s ELB?
  • How hard is it to deploy multi-node, fault-tolerant, load-balanced cluster with no SPOFs, but multiple application servers and several persistence nodes (database, message queues)?
  • Is it possible to do so in mere 30 minutes?
  • How hard is to setup your custom container repository? How to automate image building process?

And finally, the most important question: what deployment strategy is required to have a RESTful API in PHP that will easily handle Ks of requests per second (and is it possible at all)?

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