Tina Kesova 12 August, 2016

Speakers Rapid Fire Interviews

Generally, speakers at conferences are often rightfully viewed as the superstars of the event – they are the experts readily sharing their experience and know-how. But what didn’t give us peace of mind is that sometimes people are slightly afraid to approach them because of that “superstar image”. Luckily, our PHP community speakers are not your traditional superstar speakers! They are incredibly approachable real humans, with their own challenges, interests, and quirkiness. And we want you to talk to them during #bgphp16, as we believe this helps our community grow and get stronger.

So we thought “why not show their non-conference-speaker side, the real human side”? To do that, we sent them a series of questions in a rapid fire style interview form and couldn’t have more fun watching the end result.

We will be publishing two rapid fire interviews per week on our Facebook page over the course of the month of August. Check out the first one here and make sure to like our page, so you don’t miss the chance to #meetthespeakers!

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