Lilyana Yakimova 22 April, 2016

The Selection of the Speakers Is on the Way!

The blind-bird tickets that we released on 21st of March were sold in less than 24 hours mostly to people that visited the inaugural Bulgaria PHP Conference last year. Such an extraordinary level of trust, even before we have a single speaker or lecture announced, was a great joy for our team and at the same time a great responsibility. Now that we have closed the call for speakers and analyzed what we have received, I can assure you that the quality of the Bulgaria PHP 2016 sessions will definitely live up to, and even exceed, your expectations.

Two Тimes Мore Аpplications

We have received applications for 261 talks by 85 different speakers. This is more than twice the number of submissions we had to choose from last year. And it is not only the increase in the quantity that made us very happy. The quality of the submitted sessions is also breathtaking. It will definitely be a hard job to narrow down the choice to less than 50 lectures that our schedule can accomodate!


27 Different Countries

We are very excited to see that the event is gaining more and more global recognition. Now the applications have come from 27 different countries, as compared to the 13 countries last year. All the applicants in 2015 were from Europe and North America, and now we have people interested to talk in Sofia from countries like Brazil, United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, India and Lebanon.


The countries with the most applicants from last year: USA, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, are again in the top list, but are now joined by the UK, the Netherlands and Poland.


And Now We Have to Choose

We would like to say a big “thank you!” to all the people that have submitted a speaking application. During the next days we will be announcing the approved sessions. We will try to choose the best lectures that explore and explain important innovations that can influence the PHP world. We will be looking for sessions that share valuable practical experience. We will also try to come up with a relevant and yet diverse program, that will help the PHP developers, who will attend the conference, become more knowledgeable, more inspired and more efficient in what they do.

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