Lilyana Yakimova 26 July, 2016

Lightning Talks Wanted! [Vote Now]

The lightning talks application process is now over and here are all the applications we received. We have 6 slots, so choose the top 6 talks that you want to see on stage and vote for them before September 1st.

Talk Title Speaker Description
Let GrumPHP be grumpy instead of you Mike Chernev Standards are important, but takes a lot of effort to start applying them properly. Not if you use GrumPHP, a tool that will change the way you code!
The process of upgrading to PHP 7 Haralan Dobrev Presenting our process of upgrading PHP 7 with stability in mind. How we’ve migrated our codebase, tested every dependency, upgraded to PHP 7 in Vagrant, Travis CI, staging and production. With no downtime or bugs in production and all while developing the product at a fast speed.
The happy developers :] Nikolay Dobromirov Are you a happy developer? Do you want to be one? Let’s try to make you! 🙂
Blogging, Social networks & PHP Gero Nikolov Why blogging is so important for us as a bussiness owners or just as PHP developers.
Quality vs Quantity with Cyclomatic Complexity Anna Filina Don’t write useless tests anymore. Use a simple, scientific approach.
Using PHP in Distributed Computing training of Artificial Neural Networks. Todor Dimitrov Balabanov The talk will be about the opportunities of PHP to be used on the server side in Distributed Computing. In this particular case Artificial Neural Networks are trained to play perfect conditions game. The training itself is done as Android mobile application. The project is open source and it can be found at this URL:
PHP in an IoT World Slavey Karadzhov PHP is great fit for web pages accessed by humans but will that work in an IoT world where billions of devices access your page?
Machine Learned PHP Mariusz Gil No complex science background, no theory difficult to understand in few minutes. Only one real world if-unsolvable problem and solution powered by Machine Learning techniques, built upon data and answers collected from all BGPHP attendees on Twitter/web in realtime. Implemented with PHP7 as command line application in hours. It’s difficult to give a full control to our machines, but when we trained them well, we can do it…
Cooperative Micro-hacks Ben Foxall “The most effective way to get to know a new tool, API or library is to get some hands-on experience with using it, otherwise known as _having a hack_. Unfortunately, before we get stuck into writing code we often have to spend our time with setup, installation & debugging.

I’ll take us through a collaborative coding environment which optimises our time-to-hack by distributing setup & boilerplate tasks between developers: allowing us to get straight in to play with stuff.

We’ll see how this approach can be useful for hack-days, workshops, and even lightning talks!”

Back to front with service workers Ben Foxall “Service workers are the new trendy disco in town that all the front-end developers are totally stoked about.

Though, if there’s a disco, PHP developers should be the party-goers that are singing karaoke and dancing on the tables.

I’ll take us on a brief (lightning) tour of service workers for back-end developers – going over some practical examples of how we can utilise them to enhance our websites.”

Making your meetup not a conference Ben Foxall “Meetups & conferences are totally brilliant, but also kind of different.

A few years ago, we realised that our meetup was shifting into the form of a _mini-conference_. I’ll go over why we decided this was not for us, and what changes we made to make the most of our community.”

MJML, framework for responsive email Emmanuel Boisgontier MJML is an open source project allowing developers, marketers and designers to easily create their responsive HTML email. Forget about the pain of coding your email in HTML , the MJML markup language will make your life easier and your messages will be compliant with the latest standards. Come join the community of thousands that already enjoy this project.

You have great ideas that you’d like to share with the community, but shied away from submitting a full talk proposal? No problem – we’ve got a suggestion for you! This year we’ll be opening the stage for six 5-minute lightning talks and we are now looking for the right speakers for these slots.

All you have to do is to submit your proposals here before August 15th, and leave the rest to our amazing community. Once we collect all applications, we will share a shortlist for the community to vote. The talks with most votes will make it to the Bulgaria PHP stage and of course, the chosen speakers will get free pass for the event and will be invited to the speakers’ dinner too.

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