Tina Kesova 12 September, 2016

JeoPHPardy at Bulgaria PHP Conference

Considering the Bulgaria PHP Conference theme this year is GAME ON, we’ve planned a thing or two to get you in the mood! We now start unveiling the surprises with one of my personal favourites — JеoPHPardy, presented by our amazing speaker Jeremy Mikola. During both days of the conference you’ll be able to join the fun and get your hands on a cool prize. The JеoPHPardy game will be played in the main track room of the conference at 6pm both days.

JeoPHPardy What?

JeoPHPardy comes from the original Jeopardy! Game Show. It is all about answering trivia questions across a number of categories in order to win a prize. The tricky part though – questions are in the form of answers and contestants must phrase their responses in the form of questions. In other words, you have to guess the right question. For example, the question would be: “Bulgaria PHP 2016 is taking place in this capital city.” And your correct answer should be: “What is Sofia?”. Given that this is no ordinary gaming gathering, but rather a PHP-mastermind gathering, the questions in our our game are all PHP-related. And there you have JeoPHPardy!

Just a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • there are no preliminary sign ups, Jeremy will be asking for volunteers onsite in the main conference track
  • there are 2 rounds, one on Saturday and one on Sunday – you have two chances to play
  • scoreboard with 6 contestants per round
  • there are no teams — everyone plays for themselves!

So prepare to have your PHP trivia knowledge put to the test! Now go open a book or two to refresh all that knowledge, watch a few episodes of Jeopardy, practice your “asking a question” voice and we’ll see you in October!

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