Kiril Hristov 04 October, 2016

Our Own Gamified Tour of Sofia

Almost every major European city nowadays offers a free walking tour, and it’s one of the most informative and fun ways to sightsee and make new friends. We’ve already recommended the awesome Free Sofia Tour (FST), which you shouldn’t miss while you’re here, but to take things up a notch, we are partnering with them to create a unique experience for Bulgaria PHP attendees. It’s our own gamified tour of Sofia, planned for October 7 at 5:30pm. Find out more below and make sure to register as space is very limited. We only have 20 slots.

Teamwork for the Win

The game tour will start at the garden behind the National Art Gallery, where the very first thing we will do is to get into 2 teams of max. 10 people (no wonder space is limited). Each team will have its own guide and will tackle its own challenges upon the start of the tour. It’s the perfect adventure to make some new friends among the other conference attendees.

Sofia is Your Playground

From the moment the teams split, 1 of the 7 challenges for the evening will start, testing a variety of skills. The challenges will include: finding specific objects/buildings within the city using critical thinking; handcrafting traditional Bulgarian ornaments; speaking the Bulgarian language and using the cyrillic alphabet (no prior experience needed); learning the traditional Bulgarian horo dance and many more. A list of activities simply cannot communicate the amount of fun we have planned, and we really don’t want to give too much away.

Along your adventure throughout the city, you will inevitably pass by and interact with a lot of the city’s major attractions, including: St Nedelya Church, The Central Mineral Baths, The National Theater, The Serdika Fortress, St Sofia Church. Together with the challenges, the guides will provide a brief history of each location.


Toward the end of the evening, when each of the teams is done with the challenges, we will meet once again at the National Art Gallery for some larger group activities and one final quiz. We will tally up the score and announce the winning team of the challenge.

Once again, we remind you to register for the gamified tour, as only a total of 20 people will be able to participate. Use the form below to do so:

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