Tina Kesova 30 October, 2016

That’s a Wrap!

Well, the 2nd edition of Bulgaria PHP is now over. We’d like to once again sincerely thank everyone who made our event possible – speakers, sponsors, attendees, volunteers, and of course – our tireless and hard-working co-organizers from the SiteGround

Tina Kesova 08 October, 2016

BGPHP ‘16 Hackathon Task: Ready Player Two

Objective: Create a multiplayer web based game. Requirements: It must have a back-end implemented with PHP. Two or more players must be supported. The client side must run on a modern vanilla browser without any plugins or extensions. The game

Kiril Hristov 04 October, 2016

Our Own Gamified Tour of Sofia

Almost every major European city nowadays offers a free walking tour, and it’s one of the most informative and fun ways to sightsee and make new friends. We’ve already recommended the awesome Free Sofia Tour (FST), which you shouldn’t miss

Kiril Hristov 03 October, 2016

BGPHP: Everything You Need to Know About Everything

We’re almost there! Bulgaria PHP Conference is this weekend and we can’t be more excited to welcome you all to the beautiful city of Sofia for three days of everything PHP! For your convenience, here’s all the important information in

Kiril Hristov 19 September, 2016

An After Party to Remember

We already told you how awesome Sofia and its nightlife are in a previous post, but you didn’t think we’d leave you on your own in the fun department, did you? We’re now ready to tell you all about the

Tina Kesova 12 September, 2016

JeoPHPardy at Bulgaria PHP Conference

Considering the Bulgaria PHP Conference theme this year is GAME ON, we’ve planned a thing or two to get you in the mood! We now start unveiling the surprises with one of my personal favourites — JеoPHPardy, presented by our

Kiril Hristov 24 August, 2016

Make a Trip Out of Bulgaria PHP

Going to conferences is always a bittersweet experience. You learn new things, make new friends and partners. You get to travel to a different place and sometimes you even have enough time to sightsee. That’s definitely the sweet part. However,

Tina Kesova 12 August, 2016

Speakers Rapid Fire Interviews

Generally, speakers at conferences are often rightfully viewed as the superstars of the event – they are the experts readily sharing their experience and know-how. But what didn’t give us peace of mind is that sometimes people are slightly afraid

Lilyana Yakimova 26 July, 2016

Lightning Talks Wanted! [Vote Now]

The lightning talks application process is now over and here are all the applications we received. We have 6 slots, so choose the top 6 talks that you want to see on stage and vote for them before September 1st. Vote Now Talk Title

Kiril Hristov 06 June, 2016

$n Reasons to Head to Sofia for the Bulgaria PHP Conference

Code jokes aside, after the stellar reception of Bulgaria PHP’s 2015 edition, it’s difficult to condense the whole experience into a single list of reasons to come this year. People learned a lot at sessions, worked hands-on in tutorials and

Lilyana Yakimova 12 May, 2016

Our Workshop Day – Learn From The Wise!

We are excited to announce that Bulgaria PHP Conference 2016 will start with a day of hands-on workshops. Four of our speakers will have a half-day workshop session each on Friday, 7th of October. You can find out more info about the sessions

Lilyana Yakimova 03 May, 2016

Expecto Patronum!

Last year many people expressed interest to support Bulgaria PHP Conference. That is why this year we decided to provide the opportunity to 20 individuals or organizations to become event patrons. The patron tickets are now available for sale at

Lilyana Yakimova 22 April, 2016

The Selection of the Speakers Is on the Way!

The blind-bird tickets that we released on 21st of March were sold in less than 24 hours mostly to people that visited the inaugural Bulgaria PHP Conference last year. Such an extraordinary level of trust, even before we have a single

Tina Kesova 20 March, 2016

Game On – Our Conference Theme

Our core purpose with Bulgaria PHP Conference is to provide uncompromisable quality of content and strengthen the broader European PHP Community. But we also want to have a lot of fun along the way – us and our partners and

Mihail Irintchev 06 October, 2015

Bulgaria PHP Conference 2015 Recap – It Was a Blast!

​When we started working on the concept for the Bulgaria PHP Conference, we were full of doubts and fears. We had this strong vision of what the event should stand for, but was it really going to turn out as we dreamed?​

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